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Five '90s Shows You Probably Forgot About

1. California Dreams. Aired 1992-1996

A teen sitcom about a group of friends, and a heavy metal band. You may remember California Dreams covering a range of topics surrounding issues that teens face. Remember how every sitcom always aired a “...and tonight on a very special episode of…” where they would cover a serious issue such as drug use or peer pressure? Well that was practically every episode of California Dreams.

2. Clueless. Aired 1996-1999

Clueless was a spin off of the classic movie, Clueless. Was the show just as classic? No. Cher is not Cher unless she’s played by Alicia Silverstone. The show did not make many connections, or keep the plot the same as the actual movie. It wasn’t very good, but hey that didn’t stop us from watching it.

3. Moesha 1996-2001

Remember Brandy, The R&B Singer? She played a high school girl named Moesha, living in LA. The show was a typical teen sitcom focusing on teen issues such as teen pregnancy and drug use. It aired on the UPN network and quickly became one of the network’s biggest hit shows.

4. Nick Arcade 1992

Every video game junkie’s dream was to appear on Nick arcade. It starts with two teams who compete against each other by answering questions about video games. The object of the virtual reality game was to make it to the video zone, to play against the video game wizard of the day.

5. Land of the Lost. Aired in 1991

A remake of the popular show which aired in 1974, Land of the Lost originally aired on ABC, and was then shown on Nickelodeon. You may or may not remember the Porter Family, they were traveling when all of a sudden they, along with their Jeep got sucked into a time portal. They lived in a tree house while fending off lizards, chimps and dinosaurs.

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